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Dr. Maryam Davodi-Far, Executive Director; Dr.Far.syvtrp@gmail.com
 peggy fowler Peggy Fowler, Barn Manager; Peggy is a Certified PATH Instructor and Equine Specialist.  Peggy oversees the horses and facility. PeggyFowler.syvtrp@gmail.com 805-455-4371
 Karie McCorkle Karie McCorkle, Volunteer Coordinator; Karie schedules and trains volunteers for lessons and fundraisers.  Karie manages volunteer recruitment, retention, and recognition. Karie.syvtrp@gmail.com 805-350-2280
  Kim Dotzler, Program Coordinator & Senior PATH Instructor; Kim has been working here since she was a teenager.  She is a Certified Instructor and a Certified Mentor Instructor.  She is a life-long horse owner and has dedicated her career to Therapeutic Riding. Kim.syvtrp@gmail.com 805-350-2229
  Cheryl Smith, Certified Riding Instructor;  Cheryl has been working for us for 2 years as a barn assistant and earned her Instructor Certification in 2016.  When she isn’t working here, she is a preschool teacher at the Acorn Village Forest School, and a nanny. Cheryl.syvtrp@gmail.com 707-217-9326

Dell Richardson, PATH Certified Instructor;  Dell is an instructor, long-time volunteer and past “Volunteer of the Year” recipient, Lego Robotics instructor, and retired school teacher. Dell.syvtrp@gmail.com 520-722-0506

Amy Melone (with Jerry the cat), PATH Certified Instructor Alarson1@mac.com 208-699-7770


Murray Neale, PATH Certified Instructor Murray.syvtrp@gmail.com 843-345-4107


Tina Seebach, PATH Certified Instructor Tinazzythyme@gmail.com 805-208-81944


Kate Johnston, Instructor in Training/Program Assistant/Barn Assistant Kate.syvtrp@gmail.com


Rick Perkins, Instructor in Training/Program Assistant Rick.syvtrp@gmail.com


Peter Claydon, Ph.D., HELP Therapist; Dr. Claydon works with our CALM camps and is the founder of the Santa Barbara Youth Project.