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Best WordPress hosting

A good wordpress hosting provider provides an enormous amount of time and money on the security of their servers. This isn’t always easy to quantify, but I’d be surprised if the top five hosting providers out there have a higher security rating than WordPress.com. Most hosting providers out there have experienced the same issues over the past two years, but WordPress.com has always been one of the best in the business.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers Compared & Reviewed in 2021

Best WordPress hosting providers

If you haven’t used WordPress.com before, there’s no reason to start now. We’ve got a great selection of hosting plans and packages from small to large, from small and family-friendly up to multi-hosting. We’ve even got dedicated WordPress hosting plans for small businesses and families. Our hosting prices start at only $5.99 per month, and you can upgrade to a premium WordPress host plan for even more benefits.

Free or low-cost WordPress hosting plans available on WordPress.com

The best WordPress hosting plans on WordPress.com are available on our low-cost plans. Some of our plans offer WordPress support, which means you can visit your site and submit a ticket right from your site, so your site is always being supported. Plus, our plan offers the lowest prices available. Some of our plans also include WordPress themes, which mean you can add your own custom WordPress theme to your website. We offer our hosts all the hosting features, such as backups, security, and SSL encryption, so you know you can always use our plans for your WordPress site. Our hosting plans are available for all kinds of websites. You can create a WordPress site, or you can create a website with a custom theme. You can also build websites with your WordPress design files. When you need a reliable hosting plan, choose the HostGator plan.

Choose one of our plans today. If you need help choosing the best WordPress hosting plan, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our WordPress hosting company staffs a team of experts who are always ready to assist you. We’ll review your needs and make a personalized plan recommendation, and it is 100% free! HostGator’s unique plans include all of the following: Unlimited Bandwidth No Limits Free Domain Registration Free Domain Maintenance Premium Support Easy File Upload Easy File Download Easy File Management Automatic SSL (HTTPS) Free Hosting Insurance Dedicated IPs for maximum security Flexible Backup & Restore Plans All of these services and features will be available to you through one simple payment method, which will be sent to you after registration. Once you register for free, you can upgrade your account with a payment plan or a dedicated IP for even greater features.

Unlimited Domains

You get your domain registration and website hosting with us for free. We do not restrict your number of domain names or the amount of hosting you receive, so you are free to manage your site however you wish.